A Very Merry Holiday Guitar Party


A very merry time was had by all at our annual Holiday Guitar Party! Although husband Bobby couldn’t be there because of a scheduling conflict (gig on the General Jackson)—we muddled through!

In addition to former and current students—four new friends who attended my workshop at NSAI Song Camp travelled from OUT OF STATE (Ohio, Texas, North Carolina and Florida) for the party! Angie Goeke was flown in by her husband as a surprise birthday gift!

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 1.34.45 PM.png

After our fill of cookies, cheese and wine, the music started! Students and alumni from HOW NOT TO SUCK performing class showed us all how not to suck by leading the group in song. Emily Daniel even played us a new original!

I LOVE that the Holiday Guitar Party brings people from so many corners of the world together—STAR STUDENT Ceri Usmar came last year as a friend’s +1—she had never played guitar before but immediately signed up for Skype lessons after the party. This year she brought her guitar and played along! Here’s her version of the story—so good I had to capture it on film.

Ellen Britton