Who Takes Guitar Lessons?

who takes guitar lessons?

  • a developing songwriter tired of playing everything in the key of G

  • a major label artist prepping for a tour

  • a Hall of Fame songwriter who plays piano and wants another option

  • a guitar teacher in Texas looking for advice on teaching

  • a mother of four learning songs for church

  • a successful producer working on charts for his next project

  • a radiologist who takes a guitar break between reading scans

  • a young teen searching for a creative outlet

and via skype...

  • a retired stockbroker in Phoenix who finally has time to practice

  • a business owner in Alberta, Canada, who enjoys jamming with his buddies

  • a songwriter in Chicago planning a move to Music City


  • strummers interested in picking

  • pickers interested in strumming

  • anyone looking to learn the Nashville Number System

  • performers who are tired of hiring/begging/depending on someone else to accompany them

So who takes guitar lessons?
Anyone and everyone -- and maybe -- YOU!

Ellen Britton