STAR STUDENT Marisa McKaye will absolutely knock your socks off with her soulful voice, killer songwriting, and natural charm. At age 12 she somehow possesses a rare depth and vocal command that most adults would envy.

Marisa works hard at her music -- she takes weekly private guitar lessons and is a veteran of GUITAR BOOT CAMP, our "HOW NOT TO SUCK" performing classes, as well as the invitation-only BAND CAMP for GIRLS taught by my husband, Bobby King.

On top of weekly gigs in downtown Nashville and hosting her own writers night, Marisa recently rocked an arena full of thousands at a benefit to fight childhood cancer with a solo acoustic performance of her original anthem "WARRIOR" (co-written with Bobby and me), flew to LA for a national TV show (big things happening there!), and has just released a wonderful EP, "Colorful Girl".

We are, of course, slightly biased -- in addition to "WARRIOR", Bobby and I co-wrote two other songs on this all-original project -- hope you'll check it out.

Actor Kevin Spacey happened to hear Marisa sing "WARRIOR" at the world-famous Bluebird Cafe and instantly became a fan, inviting her on the spot to perform at a private event in Atlanta. Marisa returns to the Bluebird on May 7, and she will debut as the youngest ever Song Suffragette on May 8 at the Listening Room in Nashville.

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Ellen Britton