Happy Mother's Day


Here's my mom, the irrepressible Charlotte Britton

She has always been a shining example of intelligence, resourcefulness, and resilience,
and she taught me, by example, the importance of hard work, persistence, and a cheerful attitude, as well as the value of thinking outside the box.  
Her decision to marry a folksinger in 1953 (my father George Britton) is but one example of her blithe disregard
for convention.    

My mother worked long hours
for decades running a music school
with my dad and building
her own business as a booking agent,
all while raising four children.


Now in her 80s and living in California with her boyfriend, my mom continues to inspire me with her tireless energy, her ability to listen patiently, and her eccentricity — yes, those are papers clipped to the top of her head, and no, I don't know why— if you thought that was a hair bow, you don't know her very well!

Just a few more things I've learned from my mom...

  • how to age gracefully
  • what professionalism means
  • the importance of getting enough fiber
  • that wearing makeup is OPTIONAL (the last time I saw her wear lipstick was at my wedding in 1983)
  • how to be a BADASS!!
Ellen Britton