Your Brain on Music: “Reward System”

A series by daughter, Caroline King

YOUR BRAIN ON MUSIC: “Reward System”Struggling to motivate yourself to practice? Try setting up a reward system!

Research in the psychology of behavior has largely studied two main ways of influencing behavior through consequences: reward and punishment. Studies have shown that positive rewards are far more motivating and lead to longer lasting results (without adverse emotional effects) than punishment.

If you want to train yourself to practice more, set up a system of small incentives. Start with something small, like rewarding yourself with a new iTunes download if you practice for ten minutes today. Build up to bigger rewards, like a new guitar strap or capo for several weeks of practicing every day. Keep the rewards guitar-related to maintain your guitar motivation!

I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly not above bribing myself...

Sincerely and scientifically,
Caroline King

Ellen Britton